Kale Me Crazy

It’s been open for a couple months now, and I’m sure you’ve already checked it out, but in case you haven’t, I wanted to bring a bit of attention to the new superfood cafe in downtown Homewood – Kale Me Crazy.

Being from Atlanta, I’ve heard the name a few times (there’s several locations in Georgia), but haven’t ever popped in to try it out. Now that we’ve got our very own here in Birmingham, I’d be crazy not to! Truthfully, it’s about dang time!! We need more healthy options around here that both fuel our bodies (you know, nutrients and stuff that I don’t talk nearly enough about) and keep us full throughout the day.

Kale Me Crazy has a plethora of options from fresh-pressed juices and wellness shots, to smoothies, nutrient-dense bowls, salads, wraps, and coffee, there’s something for everyone! If you’re looking to give a juice cleanse a try, they’ve got you covered there, too.

So far, I’ve tested out a smoothie, a salad, and a shot.

Smoothie: The Tropical Trippin’ smoothie was a compilation of orange, mango, pineapple, coconut yogurt, and coconut milk – delicious and so refreshing. I felt like I should’ve been on the beach – all I needed was an umbrella and a bendy straw!


Salad: The Kale Salad was made up of a kale, cabbage, quinoa, serrano peppers, scallion, mint, cilantro, craisins, carrots, crushed peanuts, hemp seeds, and peanut dressing. It was so satisfying, and surprisingly filling. (My friend opted for the Quinoa Bowl – quinoa, kale, carrots, cucumber, feta, avocado, green peppers, tomatoes, scallion, mint, cilantro, serrano peppers, garbanzo beans, and lemon vinaigrette.)

Wellness Shot: The Aloe Vera shot was $2 (their cheapest) and is a rich sort of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s also said to help keep your skin clear and aid in digestion!  My friend was feeling under the weather – that pesky summer cold – so she went for the Wellness Shot. It’s filled with ginger, oil of oregano, garlic extract, turmeric, cayenne, and lemon. She also was given a “chaser” of lemon juice. The guy said she’d need it 🙂 She felt better immediately! Haha, kidding. The spices cleared up her congestion, though!

Want more details? Click here and follow Kale Me Crazy on Instagram for updates!

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