Silver Coin Indian Grill

I’ve found myself falling more and more in love with the culture of food. I find it incredibly fascinating that the time we spend around the dinner table is universal, but the specific traditions vary. Dining in ethnic restaurants is the closest thing I’m getting to actually emerging myself into different cultures for the time being, but boy, what I would give to actually travel and experience different food cultures! (goals).

Anyway, The Indian culture (and cuisine) blows my mind – in an amazing way. It’s welcoming, it’s loving, it’s over the top, it’s passionate, prideful, delicious (the key factor here!) and so much more. A few of my coworkers, including our CEO, are of Indian decent. I’ve had the best time learning their culture, and the second they learned of this blog, they planned a dinner at Silver Coin so they could show me the ropes! It was by far one of the most fun food experiences I’ve had in awhile, and I’ve got to tell you all about it…


If for some reason you haven’t heard of Silver Coin, it’s located in Hoover, at the intersection of Lorna Road and Rocky Ridge Road, nestled in a little shopping center. The staff is out-of-this-world friendly, and the service was just as appreciable. Unlike other eating establishments I’ve visited, the staff members are proud of their restaurant, and it truly was evident upon our arrival that they were happy to share a taste of Indian during our stay.

So let’s get into the good stuff. Keep in mind, I’m somewhat new to these Indian dishes, so if I explain something incorrectly, just know, it was all delicious and worth a try! We started out with wine (and later tasted an Indian Beer which was very light and tasty – it actually reminded me of the Cahaba Blonde from Cahaba Brewery here in town). We ordered a bunch of things and nibbled on them all, so good news for y’all, I have lots to recommend!


  1. “Chips and Salsa” – The chips are salty and thin and are dipped in two different sauces — a green sauce similar to tomatillo salsa and a dark red sauce made of dates. I was told to mix them together, so good!
  2. Gobi Manchurian – I’m so into cauliflower right now and this was probably the best version I’ve ever had. It was fried and coated in a sweet + salty type of sauce, and topped with green onions. (This was one of my favorite dishes of the night).

  3. Fried Baby Corn – Yum. They were salty and crunchy and even more delicious dipped in the sauces from the chips and salsa dish. I think they were fried in a cornmeal so they had a bit of a southern flare to them!
  4. Pakoda – This was a fried compilation of spinach and onions. So yummy and crisp!|

  5. Dosa with Sambhar – Literally this was a three-foot piece of hollowed out bread, served with dipping sauces. It came out on a giant platter and took two hands (and servers) to handle!

Main Dishes: 

  1. Tandoori Mix Platter – A compilation of lamb, chicken, fish and shrimp, served steaming with vegetables and spices galore! This was another favorite of mine. I tasted the lamb and the shrimp.
  2. Naan – Naan is a traditional Indian bread, created by kneading dough and tossing it on the wall of a very hot stone oven (tandoor oven) for it to bake into an airy piece of deliciousness. We opted for plain, garlic, and garlic + cheese!
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala – Such a classic. It’s creamy, red and served over white rice. (Try this if you’re new to Indian cuisine).
  4. Chicken 65 – This was described to me as an Indian Chicken Nugget with a bit of spice, and that’s exactly how I’ll describe it to you!


  1. Gulab Jamun – This was a fried, dense piece of dough, coated in cinnamon sugar, and served in a dish of simple syrup with hues of rose water. How delicious does that sound?! It was rich but light and floral all at once!

I truly had the best time at Silver Coin, I’m hoping to go back very very soon!! This is my coworker Kashika, with the Chef, the owner (Kishore Kotian), and me! Y’all do yourselves a favor and go try it out. It’s such a fun (and delicious) experience.



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