Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

Perry’s is not your average neighborhood steakhouse. It’s moody and warm, but also extremely well thought out. It’s evident there’s people behind the scenes doing everything they can to make your experience with them the best it can be. Which is more than admirable, it’s just, simply put, special and worth noting for sure. There’s so many restaurants nowadays that forget how critical the dining experience really is for their guests, and how much the little things truly matter. Perry’s takes it to the next level. You walk in and are instantly treated like royalty – I can get used to that :).


I wanted to take a second and share a few new cocktails they’ve added to their menu, in addition to an appetizer with which they pair nicely. Here’s my little tasting platter, but below, I’ve included a photo of how they’re typically served.


First Pairing: Homemade Polish Sausage + Jameson Mocha Old Fashioned

It might seem simple, but the sausage was smoked to perfection, and served with buttered crackers and both mustard and bbq sauce for dipping. The cocktail was strong, as you can imagine. But I’m new to Old Fashions so I wasn’t prepared for the taste. It was warm, spicy, had hints of Vanilla, and was served garnished with an orange peel.


Second Pairing: Beef and Bleu Crostinis + PassionNut for Port

Wow, port? This was a first for me, but my gosh it was delicious. It was served with a passionfruit mixture and was incredibly tropical in flavor. It paired well with the cheese and bacon and onion marmalade that topped the crostini and was nestled under the beef tenderloin. I think this might have been my favorite pairing!


Third Pairing: Bacon Wrapped Scallop + Rose Collins

This dish was delicious. The scallop was wrapped in bacon and served atop a crostini. In addition, it was topped with a Buerre Fondue and garnished with chives. It was fresh and light and so yummy, and paired very well with the dry and citrus hues from the Rose Collins. (It reminded me of a lighter, fresher Cosmo!)


Fourth Pairing: Nutty D’Angelo + Madiera¬†

I’m going to go ahead and steal the description they provided on the menu because I know for certain, it will make you drool. I’m drooling just trying to type it! “Crushed pecans flambeed with brown sugar and brandy, served over vanilla ice cream, dipped in white chocolate”. Told ya so. The wine was a very heavy, aged wine call Madiera, which was actually the wine sipped during the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Is that not the coolest thing you’ve heard all day?! It’s also rumored to be able to withstand any temperature and aging process, as it’s actually fermented with heat. It was very full bodied!

Perry’s Steakhouse, if you haven’t already been (mistake) is located down 280, right passed where 459 and 280 meet. I’d highly recommend a visit over there soon. You’ll thank me later!

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