Root To Tail

I feel like I’ve been talking nonstop about Root To Tail since the first time I set foot in that place about a month ago.  Being from Atlanta, I’m very accustomed to this farm-to-table concept, but for some reason, I feel like it’s been a slower trend here in Birmingham. Lately, however, that trend has quickly started to shift. And I’m stoked. (Note: my photos aren’t the best for this post. It’s so moody in there, so it was tough to get great lighting for the pictures! But I think they will do the trick!)

Situated in English Village, across the street from Monkees of Mountain Brook and Billy’s, is the quaint and cozy Root to Tail. It’s incredibly moody and cozy in there, like you could easily take off your coat, shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine, and curl up in front of the fireplace. It feels like home, which I loved!

Speaking of wine, they have a killer wine and beer selection, but what really set them apart in my book is the cocktail list. It’s perfectly seasonal and fresh. The first time I popped in, I tried a cocktail with a smokey tequila, grapefruit juice, and lime. It was one of the best cocktails I’ve had in awhile! The second time I went by, I tried a gin and elderberry liquor blend, and it was delicious too. I’m new to gin, so it’s was a bit stronger than I am used to, but still so light and refreshing.

Brett, my server both times, is a blast. He is half the reason I keep going back! He takes time to help you pair your drink with certain dishes, and is genuinely so fun to talk to! But I also go back because the food is just truly mouthwatering.

Between the two times I’ve been, I’ve tried two dishes from section ‘ONE’: the fried green tomatoes and the Brussels sprouts. Both are phenomenal. From section ‘TWO’, I’ve tried the mushroom salad – incredibly tasty. It’s salty and crisp, a perfect combination. From section ‘THREE’, I’ve had the house pasta and the scallops. I just can’t even begin to relay to you how delicious everything was because it would take me all day, one, and two, it’s been about three weeks since I’ve been and I just need to go back asap to reevaluate the flavor profile of all the dishes (insert side smirk). I’m just looking for a reason to go back! Can you blame me?

Follow them on instagram for updates and beautiful photos. I’m sure I’ll be going back soon 🙂 so follow me too and I’ll let you know what else I test out!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely love it there! Great post


    1. Shelby says:

      Thank you! I’m dying to go back.


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