Twisted Root Burger Co.

So funny story: I’ve lived here in Birmingham for almost 6 years, and until last Wednesday, I’d never heard of this place! Twisted Root Burger Co. is located down Rocky Ridge Road, across from Moe’s BBQ. Seriously, how could I have gone this long without hearing a peep?! The wannabe foodie in me secretly detests when this happens. Like this should be homework everyday: know every single restaurant in Birmingham – new, old, not yet opened, literally all of them! When someone asks me if I’ve heard of a place that somehow slipped my mind, they might see me wince. It’s the worst! Anyway, burgers…

Myself, and my pal Brantley, headed over for a late lunch this past Saturday. Their menu is funky, which I like. They’ve got a few traditional burgers (you know, meat, cheese and the bun kind of thing), but the majority of the options are quite unique. They have a build-your-own option too, in case you’re feeling picky, and homemade custard shakes.

After ordering at the counter, you’re handed a card with a celebrity’s name on it. So instead of hearing “Shelby” over the microphone when my food was ready, “Queen Latifah” thundered throughout the restaurant. How hilarious. I love a good curveball. I mean how funny? Imagine a huge, meathead who just pumped some mad iron at Planet Fitness or whatever, obediently answering his call of “Paris Hilton”, frat tank and all. I’m currently chuckling to myself in this charming little Mountain Brook coffee shop just thinking about it.

I ordered The Happy Pilgrim ($7.99), a turkey burger patty topped with goat cheese, kale pesto, and kale, in between two whole wheat buns. To go with it, I ordered a Watermelon Sweet Tea because, well, why not? I’ve never heard of such a thing, so let’s try it! It was interesting, but good…I think. It tasted like they let a few sour patch watermelons soak in the tea while it brewed – it was funky, I liked the experience, and I’d probably get it again. But, I’m going to go ahead and assume the ‘the meat, cheese and the bun’ people won’t be opting for this out-of-the-box beverage, which is fine by me!

Brantley went with the In the Buff ($10.49), a free-range buffalo burger, with thyme caramelized onions on a wheat bun. She seemed to enjoy the unique flavor! We split a side of fries.

This was such a fun place, and so out of the norm for what I go for when I’m craving a burger. I would absolutely try them out!

Follow them on instagram, and check out their website for the history of the owners, it’s a pretty neat story!


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