The Rougaroux

If you’re in need of a NOLA fix, I’ve got just the thing for you! Tucked on a side street in Forest Park sits an old house turned restaurant: The Rougaroux. The order-at-the-bar restaurant concept is decorated with a mixture of New Orleans and zombie paraphernalia – quite the combo, let me tell you. But so out of the norm, in a great way! I absolutely love trying new places that are peppered around town.

The sound of jazz music and the smell of fish fry fills the room, setting you up for quite the experience. It’s known for the Po’Boys, gumbo, and boudin – they also have two alcoholic slushies (one with a Grapico and vodka base and the other with rose).

My roommate and I ended up ordering the same thing – it was recommended as a good “beginner” meal. So we decided to take the newbie route like they suggested. We opted for a “Traditional Po’Boy”, both of us went with the Fried Shrimp and a side of the Creole Potato Salad. I’ve never had a Po’Boy before, but honestly, what’s better than buttery bread and breaded shrimp with a bit of cocktail sauce?! (This is why I workout people). They also piled on the red onion, lettuce and pickles for good measure, and I think there was a remoulade on there too! The Creole Potato Salad was a mayo-based salad, with a bit of a punch. It was incredibly flavorful, and although this is an odd insight, it was served at just the right temperature: cold.

The Roast Beef Po’Boy and the Boudin we also recommended to me. For those of you that don’t know, Boudin is Cajun style sausage!

We’ll be back, Rougaroux, thanks for having us! Follow them on instagram for updates – @therougaroux.


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