We Have Doughnuts


What started as a love for old-fashioned doughnuts has quickly manifested into an Iron City epidemic. We Have Doughnuts has dominated the Birmingham food scene with its perfect combination of crispy yet spongy, melt-in-your-mouth old fashioned doughnut base.

In addition to the perfected dough (which was developed from scratch over a period of several months I might add), WHD has mastered the taste game by throwing in a few high profile flavors to their bimonthly tasting board. These divine doughnut flavors exist thanks to locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Every week both the Buttermilk and Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnuts are available.

We Have Doughnuts is simply a group of friends with high quality taste buds and a love for community. They came together to spread some doughnut love and bring the old-fashioned doughnut to Birmingham.

Personally, this last Friday was not even close to my first experience with WHD. I’d like to consider myself a huge fan and self-proclaimed freelance PR specialist for We Have Doughnuts. Whenever the subject of doughnuts is brought up with my friends and family back home in Atlanta, guess who shamelessly plugs WHD? ME. This Friday happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, which means MATCHA OLD FASHIONED DOUGHNUTS! It was truly delicious. The pristine branding, made possible by the incredible Graham Yelton, makes WHD not only a delicious experience but also a social conversation worth joining. Mark my words.

FullSizeRender 4

Visit the doughnut stand downtown Tuesday – Friday from 7:30-10:30 or until sold out and preorder your weekend assortment for pick up Saturday morning at Saturn or Seeds Coffee. Follow them on instagram @wehavedoughnuts to add some mouth-watering photos to your feed.

This week’s flavors & blurbs are listed on the website.

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