Big Bad Breakfast


Big, Bad, and truly a Birmingham gem.

I’m embarrassed to admit that even after living here for over four years, I just now gave Big Bad Breakfast a shot. To be honest, I walked in expecting your average breakfast joint, complete with sticky syrup dispensers and menus and bitter coffee, but left in awe of the unique atmosphere and truly delicious food, and found myself subconsciously planning my return.


We arrived at a very early 9:15 am Sunday morning, and only waited for 10 minutes, before being very passionately welcomed and shown to our hightop table in the front of the restaurant. We sipped on freshly squeezed orange juice and hot and flavor-packed Octane coffee, which is truly one of my favorite brews. BBB does a remarkable job of promoting their use of locally roasted Octane coffee and to me, that speaks wonders. In addition to Octane, they provide McEwen and Sons Grits, and meats from Fatback Pig Project, both from Alabama.  When individual brands in the food industry come together and help each other promote and grow, it makes me more likely to support the business. I guess that is the point, but whatever, it worked on me, so by golly it should work on you too! BBB also has a full bar, complete with beer, wine, cocktails, mimosas and Bloody Marys , all served after noon. I wasn’t able to taste these this time,becuase somehow we were ready to attack the day bright and early, but it’s on my list for next time!

Between the two of us, we ordered two meals. Philip is your average eggs-and-bacon-with-a-side-of-pancake guy. No matter what, if I beg him to come try a new breakfast place with me, that’s what you can expect him to order. So Sunday, that’s precisely what garnished his plate. However, he was more than pleased by the flavor of his scrambled eggs, peppered bacon (it has a kick to it) and the fluffy, buttery pancakes drizzled with maple syrup from a perfectly cleaned stainless steal cup, which is so important to the two of us! Seriously, cleanliness is next to Godliness in our books.


I, on the other hand, love to try new things, and weekends are my chance to blow it out of the water and eat those calories with joy. I’ll pay for it at the gym Monday, though, am I right?! With that being said, I splurged and ordered the Redneck Benny, a spin on a classic eggs Benedict. This dish begins with a halved and opened faced fluffy buttermilk biscuit, topped with scrumptious country ham and fresh eggs prepared to your liking. But what really makes the Redneck Benny noteworthy is your choice of homemade hollandaise sauce or country gravy to top it off. I went with the gravy. It was easily the best decision and I would absolutely recommend it. Every. Single. Calorie. On the side, I ordered broiled grapefruit, which is truly a sin. The grapefruit was sliced in half, sprinkled with brown sugar and broiled. The natural sugars from the grapefruit, combined with the added brown sugar, caramelize for a sweet and juicy rendition of a classic tangy grapefruit. Divine!

For a history on BBB, and the amazing impact they’ve made in the Birmingham food scene, visit their website and follow them on instagram!


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