Sprout & Pour


Sprout & Pour is Birmingham’s first cold press juicery and is located in Edgewood, directly across from the antique store. What started as a small farm stand, that appeared at Pepper Place Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, has grown to be a nutrient haven for the health conscious people of Birmingham. This family owned company takes pride in supporting other local small businesses and chooses to include local produce in their fresh juices and smoothies. Sprout & Pour is constantly changing their menu based on the changing seasons of fruits and vegetables, in hopes of keeping their juices flavorful and nutrient dense. Because they take such pride in their nutritive capabilities, Sprout & Pour was “successfully inspected and licensed for Jefferson County Health Department/FDA”. So, these juices and smoothies are not only delicious, they’re scientifically proven to be packed with beneficial nutrients that result in glowing skin, a boosted immune system and enzymes that aid in digestion!

Today, I tasted the Sunrise juice, packed with carrot, apple, lemon and ginger, and the Spring juice, loaded with apple, cucumber, kale, mint and orange. I eventually decided on the Quench juice that is filled with apple, celery, pineapple, romaine, mint and parsley. Upon tasting, it has a strong initial celery flavor, but is quickly masked by the pineapple and mint! The juices are incredibly flavorful and served chilled to perfection. Being healthy has never tasted so great! The juices and smoothies are priced at $6.99 a piece, and are an incredibly wholesome way to insure you are consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables.  In addition, there are several cleanses that are priced based on the length of the cleanse. For those new to cleansing, there is information on the Sprout & Pour website on how to appropriately and effectively cleanse your body of the toxins it contains.


Summer weather is here, and it’s here to stay. Swing by Sprout & Pour for a chilled treat! Natural sugars will curb a sweet tooth, while still providing nutrients for great health! Happy sipping, Birmingham!

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