5 Reasons Why My Dad Changed My Life


In honor of my sweet dad’s 54th birthday, I wanted to brag on the amazing reasons why my dad is the greatest dad on the planet. Sure, I might be slightly biased, but honestly, on a birthday as anticlimactic as 54, it’s ok by me to break a few rules!

Here are some reason why my dad changed my life forever:

  1. “You wanna know why we can get through this, Shelby, because we’re the Davidson Team”.  From a very young age, my dad has instilled a family bond that cannot be broken. Even if we were simply loading the car for an upcoming road trip to the beach, we loaded it together because we’re the Davidson Team and we conquer things together. This is so important in a life that is constantly trying to shake and break and knock us down. A strong family is scarce, but because of this funny little saying, we are still a strong family with a love than cannot and will not be broken, even when I swear Bradley has mouthed off one too many times.
  2. Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, work it at with all your heart, as working for The Lord, not for man. This is so important and so necessary for a young girl to learn at a young age. Whether I am interning at a company that might as well have no idea I exist, competing in a race or softball game, scrubbing toilets or studying for a test, my dad raised me to give these efforts to Christ and “leave everything on the field” in His name and for that, I am eternally grateful. People constantly strive to find their purpose in life, but when everything you do is given right back to Jesus, that’s when you find your purpose.
  3. “You’re my meat and potatoes girl.” A strange way to raise your little girl, don’t you think? Yes. But for me, this was an important trait to accept. As many of you know, I’m a girl that loves good food. I’ve always been this way. A girl that loves good food growing up in society today is sometimes dangerous. Society screams at girls like me, “don’t you dare eat this cheeseburger, it’ll go straight to your hips” or “count your calories if you don’t want to get fat”!  Many years of my life have been devoted to finding out what makes me me and how to accept these things. My dad has played a huge role in helping me own who I am and accept the things that make me the person I am today. If people don’t like it, that’s for them to deal with. This weird little saying has reminded me to always be true to myself and finish the cheeseburger because you only live one, right?
  4. “You can do anything you set your mind to”. This one goes way back for me. He has always taught me to strive for the things I want in life. Whether this be a job, a certain degree or anything for which I have had to apply. If you back your dreams with hard work and tons of prayer, you can succeed. Thank you for providing for our family and making it so that we can attend schools or play on specific teams so that we can strive for our dreams. Thank you for believing in us no matter what. You let us try it all, and when we fall, you are always there to pick us right back up and keep going. This is a big one, as I am about to embark on a new phase of life; the world of post-grad. This confidence in myself will take me as far as I let it, and I cannot wait to take these lessons with me!
  5. Last but definitely not least, thank you thank you thank you for sitting through dance recitals, plays, swim meets, softball games, track meets, elementary school open houses and dramatic crying feats, when I’m convinced my life as I know it has officially ceased to exist.You, and of course momma, who we could not function without, have helped shape me into the woman I am today and have helped prepare me for this new chapter I am about to enter and I am SO incredibly thankful. I hope you have the best birthday yet, and I wish I could celebrate with you! Happy 54 and I love you with my whole heart!!! xoxo


One Comment Add yours

  1. Scott Davidson says:

    Best birthday is realizing your kids may have listened to SOME of the things you told them. Thanks for the tribute from my “Sweet Baby Girl”!! Love you baby!!


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