Savages Bakery & Deli

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These days, the new and noteworthy restaurants tend to steal the spotlight from the ones that have been around for years and years. Lately, I have really enjoyed digging deeper into the history of Birmingham’s food scene. To me, being able to bring some of these classic places back to the surface is just as exciting and important as trying and bringing exposure to a new restaurant, cafe or bakery.

Today, Savages Bakery caught my eye, and I couldn’t help but stop in for a treat. Savages has been a Birmingham favorite since it opened in 1939. Mr. and Mrs. Savage opened their first bakery on Highland Avenue. They eventually relocated to the quaint area of Downtown Homewood. Soon after earning his MBA, Mr. Van Scott Jr. purchased Savages from the couple. Through years of work in the bakery industry, Mr. Scott developed a passion for baking and pastry art. From this passion, Savages has grown and thrived in the Birmingham community.

Savages started purely as a bakery, specializing in Meltaways, Iced Smiley Face Cookies, Butterflake Rolls and lots of cakes! As they have grown and prospered, Savages has expanded to also having a deli menu, packed with sandwiches, salads and mouthwatering biscuits. My personal favorite is the Roast Beef on Rosemary Biscuits, composed of sliced roast beef, mayonnaise, german mustard and swiss cheese grilled to absolute buttery and crisp perfection.

Savages is packed with character and feels like a trip to an old southern town. It’s always packed with children of all ages. If you were born and raised in Birmingham, you’ve grown up on the delicious treats Savages provides. They have several recipes that are quite time-consuming, but incredibly delicious. The bakers arrive very early in the morning to begin working on the treats that will be displayed fresh daily!

Check out their beautiful website (linked above) to see menus, a more detailed history and hours of operation! Go enjoy!!

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Cookies… Pastries…Cakes…

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