Feast & Forest


Some people study, others grab lunch on campus, and the rest prepare their schedules perfectly so there are no awkward breaks between their classes. I, on the other hand, use these awkward gaps in my schedule to explore the Birmingham food scene! I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about a new coffee shop style cafe called Feast & Forest. This morning, they posted an amazingly delicious picture of three blueberry muffins on their Instagram, and it was too good to pass up. I decided I would stop in and grab lunch!

This precious little eatery is located on 24th Street North. I convinced my best friend Carly, who is also in the food business and is currently working with Nourish Foods, to come with me! Feast & Forest has an adorable curbside presence that continues as you enter the restaurant. It is complete with exposed brick, industrial pipes that run up and down the walls, and maps of our city. In the display cases at the ordering counter, you will find freshly baked pastries that pair perfectly with a cup of their house coffee.

After we ordered, we climbed the spiral staircase to the loft with additional seating. How fun! (Note: there is minimal seating, but it didn’t appear to be very crowded around 12:15 today!) As we waited for our food, we admired the large map of Jefferson County that hung on the wall opposite the tables. It’s interesting going out to eat with people in the food industry. People like us like to talk about restaurant and kitchen layouts, as well as the overall makeup and effectiveness of the restaurant, instead of say, weekend plans. 🙂

Carly ordered the “Ham Sammich” with a side salad and honestly, it was plated beautifully. She had fresh veggies, protein and grains! You go Carly. My meal definitely wasn’t as pretty, but it was still tasty! I ordered the “Savory Pie”, a fresh twist on a classic chicken pot pie. It was served in an iron skillet and was a delicious comfort food option on this chilly day!


This was a great lunch spot, but Carly and I both agreed that next time we were at Feast & Forest, we would come for a pastry and a coffee or breakfast! I’m telling you, the pastries they had prepared and displayed were making us drool! The Funfetti Cake and the Nutella Pop Tart stood out to us. Needless to say, it took a lot for us to refrain from dessert!

Check out Feast & Forest online, they have a great website with their whole menu listed!


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