Two Urban Licks



Two Urban Licks is a refurbished warehouse with city views and dimmed lighting, that makes for quite the mysterious atmosphere. It is located right on the Atlanta BeltLine. Honestly, I have heard so much about TWO (which is what the locals call it), that I assumed I had eaten there before! Little did I know, such a familiar name in my neck of the woods, would turn out to be such a trendy and eccentric restaurant.

New Years Day is such a special day, not only because it’s a fresh start to a brand new year, but because it’s the day my best friend made her huge debut. New Years Eve has always been a pre-game to Hannah’s birthday. So basically, when all of you are celebrating the first few seconds of a new year, I’m celebrating Hannah! New Years Eve we toast and New Years Day we eat!

This New Years Day, Two Urban Licks is what Hannah chose for her Birthday dinner! TWO is tucked in the depths of a warehouse cluster. As you’re driving in, you typically see cars parked in parking lots surrounding several warehouses. (Note: Hannah and I were caught in the middle of a hot pursuit high-speed chase earlier that morning, so naturally we were slightly apprehensive about the scenery. We were a little shaken up.) But, as soon as we located and drove up to the valet station, we relaxed.

As soon as you walk in the door, you’re met by the smell of perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken, the sound of live music and the buzz of always satisfied patrons. We were seated in the center of the room, near the open kitchen and in perfect view of the Todd Murphy painting that stands nearly 60 feet tall!

The menu carries on the numerical scheme. With large numbers listed from left to right, the courses are separated by their given number. For instance, under the ‘0.’ column, the small plates were listed and under the ‘1.’ column were the starters. To begin, we ordered the salmon chips, complete with smoked salmon, chipotle cream cheese, red onion and capers and the grilled artichoke with a delightful lemon aioli. I would strongly recommend both of these! (As well a breath mint to follow the salmon.) Each of us then ordered the crab cake with a spicy caesar salad.


In my opinion, TWO is a wonderful place for small plates to share.  Neither of us were starving, but still had the chance to taste four dishes. Oh! Do NOT forget the bread! It is Argentinian and the recipe is top secret! They won’t give you too much detail, but by golly it was the best bread I have ever tasted! It was a salted mix between ciabatta and french bread. Try it!

If you’re in for an extraordinary dining experience, absolutely try Two Urban Licks! You will no be disappointed and you will fall in love with the wait staff, environment, city view and delicious cuisine!



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