Alabama Biscuit Company



One of my favorite things about living in the south is the tradition that comes with the territory! One of my all time favorite southern traditions is the fact that after church on Sunday morning, I’ll have the chance to sit down and share a meal with friends and family. There’s truly something special about hearing a Sunday sermon and discussing its depths over a delicious lunch… or sometimes brunch. Yesterday, I enjoyed a wonderful passage on the book of John with my small group, and then we indulged on another southern tradition, biscuits.

            The Alabama Biscuit Company is a wholesome company that strives to not only satisfy the cravings of Birmingham residents, but also create an environment that bolsters the community. Their philosophy is stated on their website, “We believe in simple food, honest ingredients, and good old-fashioned hospitality”. This philosophy is simple, clean, precise and effective. It is also very accurate! Dining at the Alabama Biscuit Company proved nothing short of this mission statement. The barista and servers were very attentive and helpful. They were also very quick to give suggestions on what to order, which is something I thoroughly enjoy! Being a foodie really is a tough job…. 🙂

            Jonathan Burch, a family man with a passion for good nourishment and community, owns The Alabama Biscuit Company. He prides himself on the biscuit recipe he created, a whole grain formula. They tower these delicious biscuits with the most amazing toppings, from pecan butter to goat cheese and honey! They also have a ham and cheese biscuit, complete with herbs and lemon aioli. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my tummy is longing for another visit to The Alabama Biscuit Company.

            Between the four of us, two of us ordered The Alabama biscuit and the other two ordered the Pecan Butter and Honey biscuit. Looking back, I wish we each had gotten a different biscuit and shared! I don’t really think you can go wrong honestly and yes, I want to go back for more as soon as possible!

THE ALABAMA: Maple Butter Sauce, Soaked and Roasted Pecans

PECAN BUTTER AND HONEY: House Milled Organic Pecan Butter, Local Honey Drizzlem

            This company is absolutely more than just a delicious place to get a southern biscuit with a twist; it’s a chance to experience southern hospitality and an upmost respect for our community at the same time. When you go to Alabama Biscuit Company, you trust your biscuit will be fresh and wholesome. You also will know that you’re helping Birmingham thrive just a little bit more than you were before.


Alabama Biscuit Company is located at 4133 White Oak Drive in Cahaba Heights — Some information taken from their amazing website

Follow them on instagram @alabamabiscuit & like them on Facebook!

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