Daylight Donuts Acton Road

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Sometimes being a nutrition student absolutely has it’s perks! Yesterday, I walked into my Experimental Foods class to find that we had a guest speaker conveniently sitting next to two boxes of donuts. And yes, nutrition students, like myself indulge on empty calories, too. (And enjoy every bite!)

Holly Beth Harris, partial owner of the Daylight Donuts shop on Acton Road shared the ins and outs of being a dietitian in a donut shop! She chuckled to herself as she said this. Holly, a registered dietitian, works part time for ACED (A Center for Eating Disorders) as well as operating Daylight Donuts with her husband, Blake and a couple from their church. What a funny combination right? Well, she absolutely makes it work! She uses her dietician background to encourages customers to use moderation. After realizing they shared a dream of opening a donut shop in Birmingham, Blake and Holly decided to move forward and the Acton Road location was opened! I snagged a quick picture with Holly! (Sorry for the appearance! I came straight from the gym. )


In June of this year, Daylight Donuts was born! It took quite some time to establish the perfect location. After quite the search, the Harris’ decided on what once was an old dry cleaners, complete with a drive-thru for optimal on-the-go donut delivery! They also partnered with O’Henry’s coffee and created a signature roast to serve alongside their delicious donuts. Mmmm! What’s better than a cup of coffee and a decadent donut?!

Daylight Donuts prides itself on the amazingly delectable toppings and flavors, while sticking to a strict dough recipe that was established in 1954! These donuts taste just like grandma’s!


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