Crestline Bagel Company


Another amazing Friday lunch date for the books! My sweet friend Ellen and I met for a good ole’ traditional Birmingham lunch, right in the heart of Crestline. Crestline is the epitome of a charming little Alabama sector. One of my favorite parts about Birmingham is how it’s sectioned off by small villages. Some of my favorites are Crestline, Mountain Brook Village and English Village, just to name a few! (I’m totally fan-girling over Birmingham right now, can you tell?!)

This particular Friday afternoon, we wanted a casual spot, with a great outdoor seating section. There’s something about the drive into Crestline that excites me. I instantly smile when I see the cute old ladies walking out of Angel Hair Salon and popping into Crestline Bagel for a mid-morning snack. You can’t help but assume it’s been their Friday routine for years and years. How gratifying is it to know that people come to Birmingham and actually want to stay?!


Ellen decided on the cranberry gobbler sandwich, while I stuck to a classic ham and cheese bagel sandwich on a plain bagel with lettuce, tomato and mustard! We didn’t venture too far outside of the average lunch, but for a classic American sandwich, we made the perfect choice. Crestline Bagel Co. is  also (and probably most obviously) a great breakfast location. Sometimes a toasted bagel with cream cheese is the best breakfast. Add a cup of coffee and BAM! Oh, and bring your pooch! They have homemade puppy treats! If you know Ellen, you know she stocked up on these 🙂


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