Trader Joe’s Meets Birmingham


Just recently, an amazing California staple expanded its demographics to Birmingham, Alabama. Trader Joe’s, what once was a small convenience store started in the late 50’s in Pasadena, was wildly accepted by the wine loving, Hawaiian shirt wearing East coaster. When the small corner stores became crowded and were constantly needing to restock, they upgraded to a grocery store! From that point on, Trader Joe’s has been quite the commodity between East coasters and West coasters alike.

If you’ve ever been to Trader Joe’s, you’ve most likely noticed the quaint locations, usually always in shopping centers, the loud Hawaiian shirts worn by all the employees, the really really super duper affordable prices (#blessed), and most importantly the fact that only eco-friendly bagging materials are offered at each register. Trader Joe’s is more than just a grocery store! It’s an experience, and when you check out and leave, you feel amazingly accomplished. You feel as if you played a part in conserving our planet. More importantly, you feel like your bank account isn’t dwindling away, just so you can eat!

Trader Joe’s opened at the Summit on October thirteenth. So far, I have been four times. (Shhhh! This is what happens when you’re obsessed with food! Plus, I’m saving money right??) If you haven’t had the pleasure of grabbing some groceries from this new Birmingham hot-spot, first of all, judging by the Facebook grand-opening, it appears that almost the entire population of Birmingham attended, so you must be an alien with no social media ( 🙂 )! Second of all, you MUST go. And snag some cookie butter for me while you’re at it! 😉



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