Brick & Tin

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A Friday lunch date with a great girl friend is one of my favorite favorite things. I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with my dear, long-time friend, Savannah. Our families are wonderful friends. I asked her to lunch earlier in the week and she loved the idea! So to lunch we went! Now, when you’re in the foodie business (that’s what I like to call it) people expect you to always choose the dining location. When in reality, I prefer when people suggest things to me because it is just too difficult of a decision for me! I love them all!

Savannah suggested Brick & Tin, a quaint little place in the heart of Mountain Brook. It is perfectly rustic. There’s exposed brick, industrial steel and refurbished wood that decorates the interior. You order at the “order here” counter, behind the bar, then fight for a place to sit. Brick & Tin, I swear is always busy! (Not a bad problem to have) However, sometimes it makes it difficult to find a place to sit. This given Friday afternoon around 1 o’clock, there were several spots at the bar so we sat there. It was lovely. The bartenders were very attentive to our water glasses ( 🙂 ) and were great company!

I ordered the Cubano sandwich – roasted pork shoulder, country ham, homemade pickles, mustard & havarti on pain de mie flatbread – y’all. I LOVE SANDWICHES and THIS one is top of the charts. The bread was buttered to perfection, and the combination of pork, ham, mustard and havarti cheese is unbeatable. I’m drooling as I write this. Apologies if that’s TMI. I’m serious. My friends make fun of me because when I crave something, it is 9 times out of ten, a sandwich. You must try this. Alongside my cubano, I had mushroom soup. It was pureed mushrooms with a dash of salt and pepper and a splash of olive oil on top. It was the perfect complement to my cubano. Hurry, they’re known to change their menus up!!

Savannah order the Tuscan panini, but instead of the ciabatta bread it came on, she requested honey wheat and a side simple salad. She said she loved it! It was beautiful.

We had a blast and our food and overall experience really was amazing. I would recommend trying Brick & Tin, just try and go at a time that might not be as busy! Oh, and check out the bakery. I’ve heard amazing things!


2901 Cahaba Road
Bham, AL 35223   (205) 502-7971


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